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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

miss piper

i have to admit, i'm actually a little obsessed with piper.

she has so much attitude and personality these days (on the verge of too much, actually), and a whole smattering of things to say (true to her little birdy self). here are some of my favorite piper sayings right now (lucky for her, she has the most adorable voice, so it's hard not to like her even when she's spitting "no!" at you...)

"whey ahh you, muma?! wheyaayyyuuu?" (where are you) she says this alll the time, even if i'm...right next to her.
"he's saddd" referring to elias whenever he cries.
"upa budda wurl so higghh" she sings this verse of twinkle twinkle over and over.
"da-duu" (thank you)
"i luyu dudda" c'monn, melt your heart.
"i sawdy" (i'm sorry). after she knocks you down, at least she apologizes.
"my buddy!" she's saying brother, actually. but the very fact that brother comes out "buddy" adorable.
"mummy, wadda nut!" (i want a snack) this one was tricky at first. 'uhh, nut? you want a nut?'
"uh-huh" this is just cute because of how she says it in her sing-songy little bird voice. she reminds me of "uh-huh" from the little rascals sometimes with her "uh huh" response to everything.
"vey huttt!" (very hot) she points to the stove and says this and blows, like she's cooling off her food at dinner or something. hahaha.
"mo peeezzzz!" (more please)
"elmo d. moo-eee, moo-ee!" (elmo's world. movie movie!) she loves her some elmo. that is fo sho.
"tea time!" whenever it time to eat, it's tea time!, according to piper!
"gudge. yell-oww AATT" (george, yellow hat!) yeah, she loves the man in the yellow hat. more than george, even.
"muts! bigg mutss!" (mess, BIG mess!) we hear this a lot. piper makes lots of messes.
"bee-zaa!" (pizza) most food is pizza to piper :)
"jaaa-tull, jaaaa-tull." (gentle) many times, we have to show piper again how to be gentle, as opposed to brutish and wrestler-ish.
"poots!" (poops, and she waves her little fingers under her nose) i mean, it's adorable. and so is when she says "tootsies" as in toots, but the girly version. ha!

and the list goes on and on...

i haven't given any pippa updates in a while, so i thought i'd make up for it by posting some pictures and videos of my spunky little punk. enjoy!


always a blur.

big girl pony.

with one of her many "babies!"


more accurate: assault.

dancing and singing abc's. it's so hard to catch her because as soon as she see's the camera, she wants to watch herself. except you can watch yourself annnd be videoed.

piper amazed by the plaster on her dada's skin. hilarious.

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Blogger erin said...

ahh this is cute. i love babies, but man i look forward to the talking part. so fun!

Friday, February 19, 2010  

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