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Saturday, October 31, 2009

pretty talented, yes she is

just real quick- dinner is on the stove, and i have a nasty habit of...ahh, ummm, forgetting.

but i just havvveee to give my very creative, talented, beautiful super-mama and fellow blogger friend jessi a shout out.

because all this gray and yellow goodness?

it's allllll her. she has a little business doing graphic design, so if you need christmas cards, logos, blog headers, or a good read, head over and check her out.

and don't just check out her thick, beautiful hair and pretty dimples.

geez people- haven't we moved past looking at women as objects?! ;)


Friday, October 30, 2009

Pip's hips

Today I'm taking Pippa to Mass General to check up on her hips. It seems so long ago since we were here last. I remember last time her being so little, and thinking about coming back when she was walking seemed so far off.

And here we are.

For those of you who don't know, Piper had hip dysplasia when she was born. And then, miraculously, it was gone. Because that's how God rolls sometimes. So we're back just to make sure her hips are still looking good now that she's running around like a crazy girl.

I also have to say that sitting here looking around, I feel so so SO grateful that she's not in a half body cast, being pushed in a wheelchair. SO grateful to know a God who answers prayer. Not that He had to, not that she's special, but that it was His plan.

I just don't want to forget that bones don't heal themselves, and miracles are not the work if unknown forces. It's not faulty x-ray readings (although I asked) its not bad doctors (they're the best in the world, people), it's not chance, it's not luck, it's not karma, and it's not happenstance.

We're waiting, but I know a real and living God. Who actually listens when we speak to Him. And there sure is a lot of hope and peace in that...

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Men and women

The transition to working mom from stay at home mom has not been the smoothest. I never really imagined it would be easy...annnd I never imagined it would be difficult (what then DID I imagine??)

See, the job part is not the hard part- I have the best job imaginable, and I enjoy every minute if it. I like getting out of the house and doing something different, if you will. The hard part is accounting for the 12 to 20 hours that I am not home, not doing errands, not cleaning, not doing laundry, and not even thinking about my ever-growing to do list.

How DO you make up the lost hours? And how do you not fall so far behind that you become irate and overwhelmed and defeated?

These are the questions I've been working through. I wasn't getting very far actually, until Dave stepped in and showed me the difference between boys and girls. Or maybe it's just he and I.

What is it, you ask?

It's logic. Versus emotion.

Now, I'm not a sterotypical gal. I paint my toenails, sure, but I am not overly emotional or hysterical when it comes to life. But for some reason, I could not get over the amount of things piling up on my plate...and on my desk. And instead of looking at the list as tasks to accomplish, I was looking at the sheer length of the list and thinking it was absurd, and there was simply no way I was getting anything done. Ever. And that was that.

Way to be, Michelle.

But in about 10 minutes, my better half showed me that it's all about approach, all about logic, all about tasks when you make big changes and need new methods. And even though my eyes darted at him through a furrowed brow, he was right. And he was helping me. And I was, and am, very appreciative. I love that guy. He's swell.

It makes me grateful that God made men and women with different strengths and abilities. I believe there are things men can just do better than women. And vice versa.

We may be equal...but we a DEFINITELY not the same.

Can I get an amen?!

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

i'm baaaaack

Technology and I are not usually friends. But with my new job and the necessity to be available, organized, and savvy, my work phone, an iPhone, has become my new best friend.
As far as inanimate objects go ;)

I was lamenting about not blogging with my Davey tonight, and if course he said "there must be an app for that." And sure enough...there is. So instead of going to bed, being that it's midnight and all, I'm clicking away on my phone, and it's the sweetest sound ever. And I've realized...I love technology. But not as much as you, you see. But I still love technology. Always and forever.

Whoever gets that reference is cool.

And seriously- how cute are these kids? We'll talk more on that later.

It's good to be back.

Ps: Hey Jessi, thanks for your note. It's nice to be missed :)

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Thursday, October 8, 2009

the catch up poem

(humor me)

to try to catch you up to speed-
well, that would take a century
'what's going on?'
you might ask.
i'll try to sum it
up real fast:
messes, dishes, laundry piles
haven't blogged in quite a while
it's hard working 15 hours
surely there's no time for showers
2 teeth coming in for piper,
change another dirty diaper
young boy covers room with poop
wakes last night, can't breath, has croup
my puke yellow door- it makes me happy
his puke on the floor- that's kinda crappy
piles of notes and things to-do
cleaning, washing, nothing new
thank you notes on desk unsent
wondering where all the weeks have went
grocery shopping and meals to cook
need a nap, want to read my book!
life feels too disorganized
outstanding tasks are super-sized
luckily my husband holds it down
on the days i'm not around
house is clean, kids are fed,
tucked and snuggled in their beds
i am thankful to have work
and try not to be a tired jerk
let's play with puzzles, go for walk
call a friend, for a moment, talk
talk to Jesus, ask for help
i can't do this by myself
realize there's never enough days,
working or not, life will be crazed
just take care of children, love them well
on the hard things, do not dwell
know you're blessed beyond belief
get ready to face another week
i'd love to catch you all up more
and not about poop and puke on my floor
i know, dear friends, these crazy weeks
have not allowed for many peeks
inside the walls of my brain and life
as a mom and pastors wife
but in time i think, i'll be back to share
with friends and family everywhere

so stay tuned...

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