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Friday, July 17, 2009

finale: pippa along the way 2009

here you are with your buddy jaxon

i live for you sucking your thumb. i adore it.

"eli's got nothing on my slapshot..."

perhaps one of my all time favorite pics of pippa. thanks, lindsey :)

cheeks mcgee

laughing at elias, as usual

in the hat her mama used to wear

caught you standing

spring photo

you and your favorite guy ever (mine, too)

umm..piper- you're wearing a dress. ahh, well.

"mum, i hate grass"


this is her "i am mad/sad/shocked/appalled" face. it's ridiculous.

my fave of us. your smile kills me.

one word: nut.

my pretty pippa. SO big...

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